Frequently Asked Questions about SOLE

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What is the structure of a SOLE session?

What do students during a SOLE session?

  • Internet researching
  • Record information
  • Students move around the room freely
  • Students share, collect and discuss informaton
  • Present findings

What do teachers do during a SOLE session?

  • Create initial question
  • Provide safe and positive learnng envronment
  • Encourage
  • Observe & record
  • Facilitate share time

What resources do you need to run a SOLE session?

  • Safe positive learning environment
  • Computers - Laptops, desktops or iPads
  • Whiteboards for students to record questions, websites and vocabulary.

What next after the initial SOLE session? Refer to structure and examples

  • Session 1 - Information Gathering
  • Session 2 - Exam questions
  • Session 3 - Application of knowledge